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Unprecedented Realtime Option Pricing and Risk Analytics.

Access our low latency cloud services for our Options Analytics Platform. Gain access to our breakthrough real-time options pricing, real time implied volatility and analytic greeks. Trusted by hedge funds, quant shops and risk professionals.

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  • Real-time option pricing
  • Highly accurate greeks
  • Real-time implied volatility


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for quant shops and hedge funds

  • Run bulk computations in parallel
  • Access to our real-time data stream
  • Run analytics on 8K+ tickers
Oquant is a cloud-based financial analytics platform. Leveraging proprietary mathematical algorithms blended with the best of machine learning and network science, we reveal non-obvious patterns in complex, high dimensional data (both structured and unstructured).
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  • High Value Data
  • Real-time Options Analytics microsecond repricing, millisecond volatilities, Greeks, and underlying data required to trade, analyze and manage risk in options portfolios.
  • Industry Benchmark
  • Provide a readily available pricing feed market leading and accurate implied volatility indexing. Supply customers with an industry standard data, and inline computations that no one else can provide. Use cloud based analytics or custom real-time frequency trading systems.
  • Reduced Overhead Cost
  • Signicantly reduces client costs associated with obtaining analytical values by oering cloud based solutions.
  • Ultra Low Latency
  • Unlike other data vendors, Oquant created a breakthrough in Mathematical Finance, an ultra low-latency system based Real-time Option Analytics.
  • Cloud Based Breakthrough Analytics
  • Oquant provides many new type of computations that no other vendor can offer. Real-time streaming analytics include; Vega, Rho, and many more etc.